Babul Chhal

Bark and gum of babul tree are useful in several kinds of treatments. ... Babul tree is a medicinal tree which is found all through sandy and dry parts of India. It is commonly used as a datun for teeth cleaning. Regular use of babul datum makes your teeth stronger, gums healthier and also reduces plaque accumulation

Rohitak Chhal

The plant holds tremendous potential of medicinal value and is used in traditional and folklore system of medicines. It has been used traditionally in various ailments like syphilis, swelling, leucorrhoea and leucoderma, enlargement of spleen, obesity, tumours, blood disorders, flatulence and abdominal pain.

Arjun Chhal

Arjuna tree bark health benefits Regulates blood pressure: Arjuna bark is given in combination with other herbs to regulate blood pressure. It has been found to reduce breathlessness and systolic blood pressure in congestive heart failure patients

Neem Chhal

The bark is used for malaria, stomach and intestinal ulcers, skin diseases, pain, and fever. ... The stem, root bark, and fruit are used as a tonic and astringent. Some people apply neem directly to the skin to treat head lice, skin diseases, wounds, and skin ulcers; as a mosquito repellent; and as a skin softener.

Arlu Chhal

Spreading crown. Leaves are dull green, 5-15 cm long and 3-8 cm broad, oval in shape with a rounded base and blunt or rarely pointed tip, posses two sessile (stalkless) glands where the laminar is connected to the petiole. Flowers are small, sessile, white, borne along a rachis about 3-5 cm at the nodes of the leaves. The fruit is elliptic, fleshy, about 2-3 cm, longitudinally ridged, and turns yellow when ripe and has one seed.